Medical Aid

VisionMed Medical Aid Plans

Our variety of medical aid plans are built for South Africans of all income levels

Whether we are enabling young, tech-savvy, first-time medical aid buyers cover, providing unlimited hospital cover for minor and major emergencies, generous Day-to-day cover limits for doctor visits and more, VisionMed has an offering to suit your needs as an individual and family.

Don’t wait any longer, explore the options available to you, choose the medical aid plan that best suits your needs, and start having a healthier life. Your health is your greatest asset, with VisionMed, you have the tools to protect it.

Why Choose VisionMed

We take pride in our over 30 years of medical aid experience. That, combined with the deep understanding of your financial situation will ensure you are happy with your chosen plan. Let VisionMed find you a Medical Aid plan that suits your lifestyle, and at the end of the day, is easier on your pocket.